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MooMan Picaresque



 TO ORDER YOUR MOO MAN CD : Please go to Guestbook and put in your details, and how many copies you would like.  Thanks!

The CD soundtrack to the acclaimed documentaries of Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier is now available!  , “Stephen Daltry’s attractive chamber score” (Variety, 4/2/13) for ‘The Moo Man’ , together with “a gorgeous musical score” (Ken Russell, The Times) for ‘The Lost World of Mr Hardy’ gives you 73 tracks and over 70 minutes of enjoyment, all for £14.99.   Rhapsodic, lyrical , humorous and characterful, the mix of woodwind, piano, accordion, cello and percussion is interspersed with engaging soundbites from the film.  Enjoy!



   The World's First Computer (Composers Daltry & Constantinidis) was nominated in the Best Science Documentary category for the Grierson Award 2013.    It is a fascinating insight into an ancient Greek object, discovered by sponge divers in the 19th Century, the "Antikythera Mechanism".